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If tu Onda (your essence) is the culture, Air represents you

culturalAll destinations hide secrets and Cartagena is not the exception. In Hostel Tu Onda help you to discover it.

To immerse yourself in the culture of the place, you read about it, before, during and after traveling; Visits to its museums, libraries and houses of culture; Try their typical dishes; You listen to his music; You interact with locals to learn about their customs and even try to learn their language.

You easily identify other guests of air because, like you, they record their experiences in a travel log that they always carry with them, along with a good book, very useful for long trips and to exchange it in the library 2 x 1 of Tu Onda Hostel .

Check out Cartagena's cultural agenda in our Weekly Planner.



We recommend

  • Pueblo de Palenque
  • Museo de la Inquisición
  • Museo del Oro
  • Museo Naval
  • Iglesia de Santo Toribio
  • Fortificaciones del centro histórico
  • Castillo de san Felipe
  • Cerro de la Popa
  • Barrio de Getsemaní
  • Casa Cultural Colomboalemana
  • Centro Cultural Ciudad Móvil
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